HIV/AIDS Training for Health Facility Employees 7Hr

HIV/AIDS Training for Health Facility Employees 7Hr

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7 hour HIV/AIDS training based on the Washington State Department of Health’s KNOW curriculum.

Course Description:

This course is intended to equip Healthcare Facility Employees and other employees that have the potential to come in contact with blood and bodily fluids, with the information to reduce the risk of contracting or exposure to HIV/AIDS. The learner will receive increased knowledge of HIV/AIDS and allow them to better assist and care for themselves and the population they serve. The course will cover HIV/AIDS Etiology and Epidemiology, Transmission & Infection Control, Testing & Counseling, Clinical Manifestations and Treatment, Legal Ethical Issues and Psychosocial issues all surrounding HIV/AIDS.  The course is based on the KNOW curriculum.

Course Objectives:

  • Discuss HIV/AIDS Etiology and Epidemiology
  • List the means that HIV/AIDS is transmitted and Infection Control Strategies
  • Discuss the methods of HIV testing and pre/post testing counseling
  • Describe the clinical manifestations and treatment of HIV/AIDS
  • Explain legal and ethical issues surrounding HIV/AIDS
  • Discuss Psychosocial issues with HIV/AIDS
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