Controlled Substance Prescribing 6Hr

Controlled Substance Prescribing 6Hr

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This course covers all 6 required hours.


This course addresses the general principles of pain and treatment for this condition.
Pain is explained as a physiological response that may be of a different nature. Likewise, mention is made of the main interventions currently used to treat pain, both pharmacological and non-pharmacological. The course teaches about the characteristics and behaviors of patients who abuse and deviate opioids.

Expectations and goals
The purpose of this course is to prepare health professionals to manage pain based on evidence of its nature, sources, evaluations, interventions, and ethical issues, and to consider issues related to the use of opioids.

Course objectives

• Explain the experience and physiology of pain.
• Outline the elements of a comprehensive pain assessment.
• Summarize the standards and guidelines for pain management.
• List and explain the rules of the New Mexico Board of Nursing for prescriptive practices.
• Describe pharmacologic and nonpharmacologic interventions and self-management strategies.
• Discuss the issues of opioid misuse, abuse, and diversion and drug-seeking behaviors.
• Consider the issues involved in pain management for end-of-life care.
• Relate ethical concerns in pain management.

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